Does De Novo charge for their services?

There are no fees for De Novo Services.

How long is the De Novo program?

The De Novo program is 35 days.

What philosophy does De Novo utilize?

The De Novo philosophy of treatment is based on the belief that sobriety, which is defined as freedom from mood-altering substances, is the goal of treatment.  We promote this belief through a 12 step approach to recovery, combined with modules to address life-skills and spiritual growth.  Most clients are encouraged to continue participating in local 12 step programs when they leave as well as additional one on one counselling.

Do I need a referral to come to De Novo Treatment Centre?

The individual can initiate the actual intake procedure for admission by calling De Novo Treatment Centre. However, we do require clearance from your participating union (i.e. a phone call from your Business Agent or union) and we also will need our medical clearance form filled out by your family Physician.

How long do I have to wait before I am admitted to De Novo Treatment Centre?

You will be given an admission date once the following has been completed:

  1. We have received clearance from your union
  2. You have completed a telephone intake with our Intake Worker
  3. We have received your medical clearance form signed by a doctor

Generally speaking, your wait will be no longer than two weeks (COVID-19 has significantly impacted wait-times; however, we are working diligently to address this issue). This gives you time to prepare and organize your benefits/employment insurance and any other business that could detract from your treatment.

Can I do the required 72 hour detox at De Novo?

No. You must be 72 hours free from use of drugs or alcohol prior to your admission date. If you require assistance detoxing, please speak to our Intake Worker for information and guidance to a safe, supervised detox centre. If you are coming from the south, you can call Barrie Detox. If you are coming from north of us, Sudbury or North Bay Detox can help you with this.

Are there any medications prohibited at De Novo Treatment Centre?

You are only allowed medications that are not mood altering (i.e. heart medication, insulin, blood pressure to name a few). All medications are reviewed on an individual basis. If you are participating in a methadone program you cannot be admitted to De Novo until you have gone through a successful methadone detoxification. We do however allow clients to be admitted on a suboxone program through their Physician.

Do men and women attend De Novo Treatment Centre?

Yes. Our new location in Huntsville Ontario is now able to provide residential treatment programming for men and women. (COVID-19 has significantly decreased our capacity capabilities. At this time, treatment services are provided to women through our trusted partnering agencies with equivalent programming to De Novo).

Can I have visitors while I attend treatment?

Yes. We do however have designated visiting hours from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays, excluding your first weekend at De Novo. Visiting will not be permitted outside of our visiting hours. (Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, public access to the Centre remains limited to critical services only. We encourage communication with family via technology.)

How do I get to De Novo?

It is the responsibility of the client to arrange transportation to and from De Novo. Parking of your vehicle on De Novo property is not permitted during your stay. Please arrange for a ride or bus/train transportation. For assistance with transportation schedules please speak to our Intake Worker.

Will my participation in the program be kept confidential?

It is a high priority to us that your stay with De Novo Treatment Centre is kept confidential. Our staff will not disclose your presence, or release any information to another party, without your consent as authorized by your signature on a Release of Information form. The only legal exceptions are:

  1. A client has disclosed that he/she has harmed a child, has intention to harm a child, or state that he/she is about to commit a criminal offense.
  2. A client has disclosed that he/she intends to harm him/herself, or someone else.
  3. A client has disclosed that he/she is unlawfully at large, and/or when police produce a warrant for his/her arrest to De Novo staff.
  4. De Novo personnel receive a subpoena for a client to attend court, or be a witness in court. In this case, only the required information stated on the subpoena will be released, which in some cases may include client files.

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705.787.0247 toll free 1.800.9DeNovo (1.800.933.6686)

87 Forbes Hill Dr.
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada P1H 1R1
Copyright © 2012-2019 De Novo. All Rights Reserved.