Welcome and congratulations on taking your next step. We expect that you may have questions while you prepare for your admission to De Novo and we attempt to anticipate your questions with this information package. If at the end of reading this information package, you find that you still have some unanswered questions or require clarification, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-933-6686.

What to expect from De Novo Treatment Centre

The individuals who enroll in the De Novo Treatment Centre program can expect to be treated in a fair, non-judgmental, caring and mutually respectful manner. De Novo supports each client in their process of addiction recovery using best practices and a client focused approach with a 35 day residential program.

The Mission of De Novo Treatment Centre is to provide the highest quality of substance abuse treatment for the Employers, Members within the Unionized Construction Industry, and their families. We seek to provide hope, strength and tools for our clients in need of a New Beginning, to help them move forward on their journey in recovery.

Our Admission Criteria

Once you have sought out the appropriate services to meet your needs, your Union Representative may refer you to De Novo Treatment Centre. After reading the Pre-Admission Information Package, the steps required to enroll into the program that we offer are as follows:

  1. Complete an over the phone screening interview with a De Novo Intake worker (1-800-933-6686).
  2. Acquire Union clearance to come to De Novo. Your BA (Business Agent/Rep) is required to contact De Novo and notify us that you are able to enroll in the program.
  3. The Medical Clearance certificate included in this package, must be fully completed by a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Registered Nurse and forwarded to De Novo’s Admission Office for approval (fax: 705-788-2607) prior to you getting an admission date.
  4. You must be a minimum of 72 hours clean/sober prior to admission. De Novo may be able to help you arrange for detoxification at a site nearest you.

Admission and Discharge Times

Once you have completed the Admission Criteria, the intake worker will give you a time and date to arrive at De Novo so your admission can be as positive as possible. Admissions are scheduled Monday through Friday.

Once you have reached the 35th day of the treatment program, you may be honored with a short ceremony. Discharge time is after 11:00 a.m. and you are expected to participate in group activities until that time.

Benefits/Employment Insurance

All benefits, including Employment Insurance (E.I.) must be arranged prior to arriving at De Novo. Weekly reporting for Employment Insurance will be allowed through your counsellor, however you must complete the application process prior to admission. This may be your source of income for the 35 days you are in treatment. Any business, bill payments, income or personal related issues must be taken care of prior to admission to ensure that you are prepared for the focus and commitment required to get everything you can out of the program. Talk with your Benefits Administrator or Business Agent prior to your admission if necessary.

Medications/Medical Concerns

Upon completing your Medical Clearance Certificate as mentioned above, ensure that all medications you require to take during your stay at De Novo is on the Medical Clearance certificate and that it has been approved by the De Novo Treatment Team. You must have a minimum supply for 35 days in blister packs only; your local pharmacy can provide this for you. In addition, no over-the-counter medications may be purchased and no changes to a Medical Clearance certificate may be made, unless the prescribing physician makes the alterations to the Medical Clearance certificate and it is resent to De Novo.

If you require medical attention for any reason, you must seek medical attention and medical clearance prior to coming to De Novo. We are a non-medical agency and require our clients to be well enough to fully partake in our 35 day treatment program. Any illness or injury while in treatment is handled through the nearest emergency department. Bring your health and drug card with you.

Methadone medication is not permitted at De Novo. Suboxone medication may be a replacement for this if required. Clients who are participating in a methadone program must speak with their doctor to begin a tapering process or begin a transferring method to Suboxone prior to treatment. Suboxone is permitted with clear and strict outlines directed by the local pharmacy and your Suboxone doctor.

Money and Valuables

De Novo Treatment Centre is located in a rural setting. You need to bring enough money for incidentals, outside of the treatment program and bus fare home, if necessary. De Novo is not responsible for money or valuables lost or stolen. Therefore, you are requested to refrain from bringing large sums of money with you. Valuables will be left in lock-up at De Novo. Stores in the area offer cashback, so you can bring debit or interac cards as an alternative to cash.

Clothes and Laundry

You are expected to be neatly attired at all times. Bring season-appropriate outerwear and clothing. For participation in the program activities, bring a bathing suit, bedtime attire, workout clothes and gym shoes.

Clothing with suggestive logos or inappropriate content are not allowed. Sleeveless shirts are allowed during workout times only. Hats are not allowed anywhere within the Centre, however you may wear them outside.

There is a no-fee laundry facility on site for clients to use during designated times. Laundry detergent and fabric softener are provided. If you have sensitive skin, please feel free to bring your own detergent and fabric softener. Please keep in mind that we are a scent-free environment.

Personal Hygiene

Please bring a 5 week supply of toiletries for your personal use. Bring your own towels and face cloths. You will be expected to bathe/shower daily and wear clean clothes. We ask that you leave cologne, body spray and alcohol based toiletries (mouthwash) at home as we require a scent-free and an alcohol-free environment. Unscented aftershave is recommended.


If you smoke, you must bring enough cigarettes for your 35 day stay with us. The cartons of cigarettes must be unopened upon arrival. Tobacco use is not allowed within the Centre and smoking must be contained to the designated areas only.


Do not bring any food, including junk food to De Novo. All food is provided by the Centre. Food allergies and/or special dietary needs are to be arranged through the Admission office prior to admission to accommodate each client’s needs, as much as possible.


Do not bring any electrical devices such as hair clippers, clock radios, cell phones, laptops, iPods or cameras etc. Picture taking is not allowed due to confidentiality.

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles are not permitted on De Novo property during your stay. There are public transportation options available as well as allowing a friend or family member to drive you. Transportation to and from treatment must be arranged prior to admission.

Visitors/Phone Privileges

Visitors and phone calls are not permitted during a client’s first seven (7) days of treatment.

Family visiting hours are on Saturdays between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visitation must be arrange through your counsellor by Thursday of each week. One Saturday throughout your stay will be designated as Family Program. On this date, regular visitation will be cancelled. Please see our Family Program section for further information, including dates.

Clients are allowed one phone call to family upon arrival to let them know they are at De Novo Treatment Centre, or they can call you to let you know they arrived home safely. Payphones will be available for use during designated times only to which a phone card is required. De Novo has two payphones available, therefore you must be considerate of other clients.

Alcoholics Anonymous

These meetings are an integral part of our recovery program and attendance is expected. Meetings will take place in the surrounding communities as well as in house.

We are here for you and look forward to helping you with your treatment program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-800-933-6686 or 705-787-0247. You may also visit our website. For a short tour of the facility, please see our Gallery page.

 Download our Pre-Admission Package.



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