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Once a client has graduated from our 35 day residential treatment program, they are entering into one of the biggest challenges of recovery; the challenges of living life and living it soberly. Our Aftercare program is for newly graduated clients and for De Novo alumni who need a refresher course. Aftercare programs offer life skills and relapse-prevention with continuing reference to the twelve steps. De Novo has many options available to help our clients develop a personal aftercare component to their recovery prior to them completing our residential program.
If you are interested in joining our Alumni or participating in any aspects of the Aftercare program, have completed the De Novo Treatment program and are active in your recovery please contact our Aftercare Manager at 1-800-933-6686.

De Novo Aftercare Meeting

De Novo now runs a 12 week distant Aftercare meeting. This program offers a workbook for each client to work through while also completing a weekly aftercare meeting via teleconference with De Novo counsellors and clients. Clients are encouraged to sign up for this program during their last week of residential treatment. This program offers recovery building exercises and support for clients in early recovery. Past De Novo Alumni are also welcome to join this aftercare program.

Recovery Enhancement Program

De Novo has another component to aftercare known as Recovery Enhancement program. Our Recovery Enhancement program runs for five days. The content of this program focuses on relapse prevention tools, further knowledge of the 12 Steps and additional recovery building exercises. Clients who wish to come back for a short period of time to boost their recovery are welcome to do that in this capacity. Clients wishing to take part in Recovery Enhancement program must have a minimum of two months clean and sober at the time of contact. Admission dates are decided after the intake process is completed.

De Novo Phone Consultations

Aside from saying that our counsellors are available 24/7 for clients or family members, De Novo provides scheduled consultation phone calls with our graduated clients. De Novo counsellors call our clients at scheduled times throughout the year. This allows for our clients to speak to a counsellor and receive ongoing support on a regular basis.

De Novo Alumni

De Novo has developed an Alumnus to connect our past clients with newly graduated clients. This arrangement is beneficial in developing new connections in recovery. We also familiarize and make a connection for our clients through "Bridging the Gap"; a program that allows our clients to connect with 12 Step group members in their area.


In order to meet the needs of our clients, we can provide a referral to a more suitable aftercare program in their area if needed. Alternative aftercare programs (outpatient or online) are sometimes offered through other agencies in your area.

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