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Residential Program

The De Novo Treatment Centre's Residential Program is based on the belief that sobriety, which is defined as freedom from all mood-altering substances is the goal of treatment. We promote this belief through a 12 Step approach to recovery, combined with modules to address life-skills and spiritual growth. Our program also incorporates the Stages of Change model as a framework for clients to work through during their stay. Education and program content is presented in group sessions, local meetings or one-on-one sessions with a counsellor. Upon completion of the program, most clients are encouraged to continue participating in local 12 Step programs, Aftercare programs and additional one-on-one counselling.


There is a designated period in your first week of treatment that is spent on introducing the services offered at De Novo. This includes, but is not limited to, the De Novo treatment program, daily operations and expectations, building rapport with your counsellors and peers, as well as learning the rights and responsibilities that come with being a valued community member.

Relapse Prevention

There is a designated week during the 5 week treatment program that will address relapse prevention, tools and techniques, and Aftercare. For more information on Aftercare at De Novo, please see the Programs/Aftercare tab.

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